Minstrel extrodinaire... ish


Brbl the Wise, Brbl the Fool, Brbl the Wierd and Brbl the Borderline Psychotic… these are all terms that have been used to describe Brbl.

This half pint minstrel claims to have been just about everywhere and met just about everyone of note during his wanderings across the globe. His love for a good drink is seconded only by his love of a good story, which he will usually set to verse. He carries a myriad of trinkets and musical instruments with him, usually dangling or tucked away in the web of leather trusses and straps he constantly wears.

A few of his more famous (or infamous) songs are;

  • Ogres and Cheese
  • Ballad of a Dwarf named Sally
  • Elven Beer Sucks!
  • I crap you not… there I was.
  • One hundred and twelve things that do not belong in soup.


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